Advanced technology

Train Infotainment System


For an embedded high resolution platform for the train, for the infotainment subsystem including news, advertising and passenger information:

  1. Development of a new code for the assembly of a Linux operating system;
  2. Reverse engineering of the embedded application; 
  3. Migration on a newer electronic platform;
  4. Correct various problems reported on the previous version. 



  1. Updating the unstable system
  2. Not synchronized display
  3. Adding functionnalities
  4. New audio CODEC to support


Cloud - UI

Frontend - App

Backend Server

Establish a link with the content server: news database update and route station database update

Backend App

Qt, Python, content database, geographical ads: develop a synchronized method to adapt the display of a third party, develop software to display different types of video, video streaming and audio streaming.

Operating system

Produce an Open Source Yocto operating system for multiple materials and applications. Development of a redundant system and a fail-safe mechanism.


Revised plan and diagram Reccomendations to the engineers of the client (Audio CODEC + Video CODEC)


Certifications and process

  1. Documentation process: IEEE
  2. Working process: Waterfall


The client’s team was able to focus on fundamental projetcs while allowing the company to achieve other goals and deliverable in parrallel.


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