Advanced technology

New Entertainment System


Our client mandated us to modify its existing infotainment system. We needed to developped a new firmware in order for the server to be able to display the information on the new screens of the train.

More specifically, we needed to:

  1. Operate the non-functional elements of the existing system
  2. Develop subsystem of train infotainment


Cloud - UI


Frontend - App

Backend Server

Yes, there is a server on the train in order to control the different information/videos that will be played on the screen. The server can also update the screens and control them remotely. Finally, the server can communicate directly with our client in order to manage the choice of information that are played on the train.

Backend App

Yess, train screens and the server

Operating system

Embedded Linux, for the screen portion



Working Process

Our team used the Agile Method to work with our client


The infotainment system is now used in the client's trains. It was modernized to offer the best experience possible to travelers. 


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