Advanced technology

Vault of Password


The client mandated our team to create a bridge between the existing vault of passwords and a new one. Thus, the client is able to use either one of the vaults.

Specifically, our team needed to:

  1. Standardize the identifiers of the devices
  2. Ensure that the vault was able to read and modify the passwords of the devices
  3. Ensure that there was an adequate encryption


Cloud - UI

Frontend - App

Password manager for the first vault, enabling the user to consult passwords and modify configurations of both vaults.

Backend Server

SQL database including information of many devices.

Backend App

Operating system

Windows service in C# that manages passwords.


Send new passwords to IED devices.



  • Agile method
  • Client's standard code
  • Automated testing
  • Unit testing


Clients using the new vault of password can use their old vault and keep their database of passwords. They can also control passwords updating rules.


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