Advanced technology

Plane Entertainment


The client mandated our team for the creation of an infotainment product for planes. We had 2 specific products to develop:

  1. A Bluetooth remote 
  2. A static remote (installed on the armrest)


  1. Create the entire products (from A to Z)
  2. Create the firmware for each device
  3. Develop the test platforms

The final goal was to install high-end infotainment in planes and give reccomendations for the deployment of the product on the market.


Cloud - UI

UI: for the installation of 2 testing platforms for a product and 1 testing platform for the other one

Frontend - App

Backend Server

Backend App

Firmware for STM32 and a USB and Bluetooth communication protocol development.

Operating system

-Windows -Linux -No OS


Board developed in collaboration



We developed the following softwares in order to validate the final product:

  • Qualifications software
  • Programming and validating software for the units in production


Both remote are now used for high-end infotainment in the plane, which allows the consumer to leave a unique experience. Moreover, our client was able to develop other products simultaneously since the whole project was developed externally, by Amotus team. 


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