Security Improvement

Understanding the situation 

During the past year, many events have happened in commercial centers, movie theatres, office towers, etc. People are more aware and worried about their security. Ensuring security in your own building can be very expensive for many reasons: hiring process, schedule management, training, and much more. These result in an increase in working hours and therefore, an increase in spending. Using technological solutions such as high-frequency radio, sensors and more. It's possible to implement procedures for managing the security of your occupants, all that, for small fees. At Amotus, we have the team in place to help you develop technological solutions that will improve the security of your building.

Our Solutions

  • Building access control
  • Hazardous element detection
  • Suspicious peoplerecognition
  • Occupant's security management
  • Weird noise detection
  • Continuous surveillance of meeting rooms
  • Extinguisher location

Business cases

Occupant's security management

If you own a retirement home or a health center, you probably want all your occupants to be secure. But, how can you provide security all the time? At Amotus, we can develop a sensor connected to a GPS system and emergency services which enables you to locate people who have fallen. Moreover, occupants can press an emergency button if they are not feeling well. With this kind of tool, you can ensure the well being of your occupants without having to hire more people. This will lead to economic savings.

Extinguisher location

If you own a building and have a high occupancy rate, it can happen that elements inside your building are moved to a different place. Objects such as fire extinguishers must stay in their specific place because when needed, you need to know where they are. In order to avoid creating a difficult procedure, it's possible to implement an automatic system using technological solutions. Indeed, with a high-frequency radio, an interactive map of your building and wavebands on your extinguisher, you would be able to locate every extinguisher in real-time. Knowing that, objects can be moved without the stress of having to look for them when needed. 

Building access control

During peak hours, many people enter you building, and it can be done anonymously since there is a huge flow of movement. Without specific technological solutions, it’s almost impossible to control all the ins and outs of your building. To resolve this situation, it is possible to install a camera integrated with a record of all faces previously registered as common occupants. Therefore, when an occupant comes in, he must use his magnetic card in front of the sensor and the camera pointing towards his face must recognize him. If both actions are correct, the door will be unlocked. With this solution, you can ensure comfort for your building’s occupants.