Mobility Management

Understanding the situation

As an employer and owner of a building, you do not want to experience a loss of time from your employees because it is expensive. Indeed, when employees are looking for a parking spot, a colleague or objects, they spend time doing things that aren't their job. In order to minimize these losses of time, it is possible to implement technological solutions such as different types of sensors that help people in real-time. We, at Amotus, have the expertise to develop tools that will help you minimize losses of time that will lead to economic savings. Furthermore, you will be ab;e to compute statistics regarding the usage of your buildings which will help you with further constructions or renovation. All this, for the wellness of your employees. 

Our solutions

  • Parking spot detector
  • Occupants displacement monitoring
  • Objects displacement monitoring
  • Meeting room management
  • Free assignment office management

Business cases

Objects displacement management

When looking for small objects, such as furniture in the cabinet, books in the library, etc., your employees can lose time. In addition to creating frustration for the employee, it is not profitable for you to because you need to pay the salary for the employee while he is not performing his job. Helped by sensors attached to these objects and an interactive map integrated into an application, we can easily visualize the objects on the map. It reduces the time spent searching for objects and you ensure that employees devote their time to performing their tasks. 

Occupants displacement monitoring

In today's numeric era, you probably have a magnetic system to unlock your company's doors. Whether is it a magnetic tape or smartcard, these objects can do much more than unlocking doors. By installing a sensor into these objects, you can use it as a displacement detector. Therefore, when someone is looking for another colleague, he can use the application to visualize where the other person is. By doing so, you are reducing the loss of time from searching for a  person and you can point out the most frequented spaces in your office and the number of people in it. It can be helpful when developing your office.

Parking spot detector

When employees are going to work, they can be late, and this could be caused by many factors. The only factor you can control as en employer and owner of a building is the availability of parking spaces. By adding parking detection sensors to your infrastructure, you can send available parking spaces to employees through a mobile app. Hence, with this tool, people stop losing time searching for a parking when coming to the office.