Environment Management

Understanding the situation

Do you receive complaints from users regarding inside elements such as room temperature being too high or too low, inappropriate air quality, full garbage, etc.? Indeed, these elements can be irritating for your building's occupants and it can cause a production reduction if you own an office tower for example. A lot of technological solutions exist, such as air quality sensors, water level sensors, temperature sensors and more, which help address those problems. Occupants are happier and offer a better production rate at work, but it also results in economic savings for you, the owners. 

Our solutions

  • Water level sensors in the bathroom
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Temperature management
  • Lighting management according to natural light
  • Waste management
  • Lighting management according to room occupancy

Business cases

Lighting management according to room occupancy

As a building owner, you probably already receive high electricity bills. This can be caused by lights in unused meeting rooms. What is the solution to solve this issue? By positioning movement detectors in the corner of each room and connecting those sensors to the lights. Therefore, when no movement is detected in the room for several minutes, lights are turned off automatically. You save money on electricity and you avoid using electricity for nothing.

Waste management

Your building's garbage can overflow due to a lack of maintenance since they are not picked up quickly enough. This results in bad smells and it can happen in a food court. In order to solve this problem and avoid hiring more staff, it is possible to use technological solutions. Indeed, it's possible to add level sensors to your building. Therefore, janitors can organize their path for garbage pick up. It will ensure that garbages are picked u^when needed. With this solution, occupants are satisfied, and you save on labour since the time spent on waste collection is reduced, which enables your employees to perform other tasks. 

Lighting management according to natural light

To help you realize savings on energy costs, it is possible to install light detection sensors to existing lights in order to dim the power of lights according to natural light. Indeed, certain rooms of your building with a large number of windows are lit by natural lights. This natural light can replace a bulb. By adding sensors to your room, you can dim the lights according to the natural light. Therefore, you save on energy costs since the bulb is dimmed and uses less power.