Develop to Industry Standards

Understanding the situation

When developing a product, you need to ensure that your product respects standards in order to commercialize it in different markets. It can be hard to do it yourself, without the help of specialized people. Indeed, every country has its own standards, which requires an internal expert if you want your product to respect each element. At Amotus, we have experts that can help you complete this part of your project. Whether you are building a whole new product or adapting an existing one, we have the tools to help you.

Our solutions

  • Choose the right standards
  • Expertise
  • Optimize your certification process

Business cases

Choose the right standards

Standards change over the years and it can be very hard for you to choose proper standards for your product. Our team has standards experts and they will help you chose the right standards quickly. You will save a lot of time and a lot of money while ensuring that your product respects all required standards.


At the end of each product design, you need to go through a bunch of tests to ensure that your product respects the industry standards. If you are new to the market, it can be very hard to perform those tests since there are a lot and you might not know which one to choose. We can help you during the certification process to make that your product is market approved. Our team of experts will be able to perform the necessary tests for the certification of your product before selling it. Therefore, you will have extra time to reassign your team to other tasks and you will save money.

Optimize your certification process

Product certification requires time since it is a long process. When developing a new product, you need to go through this process if you want to sell it on the market. When requesting our services, we will optimize your certification process using certified laboratories when needed. Indeed, we have the knowledge to perform product certification, and we have helped companies in the past. We will optimize your certification process by using the right method at the right time. This will allow you to save time and money.