XBee-Pro, have you made a good choice?

XBee-Pro, have you made a good choice?

XBee-Pro modules allow wireless data transmission (“Wireless”). They use the ZigBee OR Digimesh communication protocol which is defined by the 802.15.4 standard of the IEEE ("Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers"). XBee modules therefore meet this standard.

The technology used by XBee-Pro has 4 major advantages:

  • Fast
  • Low cost
  • Mesh
  • 2 frequencies

Let's find out more about these advantages:

  1. Quick

     With a speed of 156kbs to 624kbs, XBee-Pro is:

  • 100 x times faster than LoRa!
  • Faster than NBIoT (in general);
  • Allows a good software update over-the-air, easily;
  • Has low latency with good response time.
  1. Low cost

Low cost With a low radio cost, XBee-Pro can compete with any other solution. In addition, the recurring monthly connection cost is zero.

  1. Mesh

With XBee-Pro, the quality of the connection and the distance traveled are excellent, when the density of the nodes is adequate (ie:> 1 per 500 meters). This helps overcome physical obstacles. There are therefore no dead zones due to the “base stations” of an NBIoT / LTE node.

  1. 2 frequencies

XBee-Pro is ideal for wall penetration (900 MHz) and has a higher 2.4GHz speed.

Discover a little more about XBee-Pro

  • No channel hopping in the protocol stack;
    • Channel hopping must be implemented at the application level, it limits the compatibility of different implementations.
  • Protocol stacks have reduced functionality;
  • A lightweight protocol stack requires the development of more services per application level (such as retry, connection);
  • Does not have a standard for commissioning the node (“Node Commissioning”);
  • The commissioning of a new device on the network must be developed by application level (this also limits the compatibility of 2 applications on the same application).

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