Statum : Asset tracking for 3 types of businesses

Statum : Asset tracking for 3 types of businesses

Through our many conversations with clients, we are well aware of the importance to know the location and environmental parameters of critical equipment. Many clients in many industries have to deal with the same basic issues with regard to their assets: where are they and are they working properly? 

Our Statum solution was designed to adress exactly that. A simple and easy to use real-time asset tracking solution that helps companies track their critical equipment. This may be to improve their tool inventory monitoring, the tracking of critical equipment or of manufacturing and transportation in cold chains, for example. 

Here are three types of business that can leverage Statum for their benefit.

Tool Inventory 

Imagine a major construction company facing a large logistical challenge to keep track of large number of tools spread over dozens of construction sites. Not uncommon in the industry, right?

The company might have to deal with several related problems:

• Theft of tools

• Loss of tools (own or rented)

• Positioning of tools on and off construction sites

• Overall management of equipment inventory

Now, using Statum, they can track the last known position and state of their equipment. 

How? By fixing BLE tags on every critical equipment – BLE tags come in all shapes and sizes, we help select the best for every type of critical equipment –  and installing portable wireless gateways with GPS connections directly in construction sites as well as on trailers or containers. Statum comes with a comprehensive and secure web-based dashboard for immediate visualisation of equipment positioning.

This setup allows easy monitoring and reporting because information from the BLE tags are picked-up by the gateways and sent to the manager in real-time.

The system can of course be directly linked to the company’s ERP to centralise data management and allow to analyse precisely and visualise when and where loss of equipment occurs, and which teams were involved.


Monitoring and Tracking of Critical Equipment 

Imagine another company in the machining industry that has CNC machines of different ages, different brands to accomplish various tasks. In addition to the CNCs, this company has several workstations for cutting, assembling, polishing, painting, etc. With the information received from the CNCs and the field, the plant manager is unable to evaluate productivity in real-time to adjust production. On the other hand, a major customer can also request real-time data from the plant manager for logistical purposes. 

Using Statum, they can now gather the data from the machines, stations, pieces, by-products and finished products in order to improve their process. The Statum configuration in this case could include:

• Positioning tags on every production equipment and product 

• Integration of the data from Statum into the ERP

Once fully integrated, this system enables the plant operations manager to make quicker decisions and coordinate operations with customers and suppliers. 


Cold Chain Monitoring 

Lastly, a fish processor wants to ensure that the products stay fresh throughout the transportation journey, in order to deliver quality products to their end customers. It is very important for this company to be informed of the temperature of its products throughout the supply chain so that it can comply with several strict health standards. 

By using Statum, they can ensure a better management of the quality of their product. The Statum configuration in this case could include: 

• The installation of positioning tags, combined with temperature sensors, on the products.

• Gateways installed within the delivery trucks collect data throughout the chain all the way down to the end customer’s point of purchase. 

• Since the tags are using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the truck driver can commit the data with the help of its mobile phone.

Blockchain technology makes this type of system even more appealing by providing the possibility to record each exchange in secure blocks. This integration is very beneficial in terms of knowing the status of the products, identifying which suppliers are respecting their contract and communicating a guaranteed freshness to customers.


Statum is a powerful system to gather data from your critical equipment. Get in contact with us to discover how Statum can benefit your business and your clients.

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*BLE : Bluetooth Low Energy 
*ERP: Enterprise resource planning
*CNC: Computer numerical control

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