Collaboration with the Quebec Museum of Civilization

Collaboration with the Quebec Museum of Civilization

When the Quebec Museum of Civilisation contacted us to take part in its new exhibit La tête dans le nuage, we decided to sieze this opportunity. We immediately saw the potential for outreach on the issues that are dear to us and that we discuss on a daily basis at Amotus. Privacy, data security, the ultra-fast evolution of technologies, the miniaturization or dematerialization of our social, economic and professional activities, not to mention the environmental cost of this revolution, are all important issues for which we believe it is very important to get involved and participate in order to raise public awareness. This exhibition is a good example of a public information activity that we simply could not refuse.

The ongoing digital revolution affects all the activities that drive our lives. Think about entertainment, in which companies from all over the world deploy considerable resources to create increasingly sophisticated and original offers to stand out. Another example is the engineering where all kinds of sensors and learning software can be used to automate activities or analysis and replace manual measurements by technicians in the field. The world of communications alone is an unprecedented breeding ground for transformation where technologies have been digitized at all levels.

This revolution is accompanied by profound changes in our relationship with these same technologies, often without any real change in our understanding of the relationship. In the past, we agreed to use a telephone because it provided us with a reliable two-way communication service. Today, do we really know what we accept when we use our smartphone? What is our level of awareness on the tracking of our web or physical activities through our mobile devices?

The other side of the coin of this digital revolution, well reflected in the exhibition La tête dans le nuage, is the many benefits these technologies bring us. Examples include connected jewellery to increase response time, connected street furniture for increased experience, manufacturing robots for increased efficiency, speed and precision, servers that allow greater calculations, as well as better user interfaces and communication equipment, all allowing us to fully appreciate the ongoing revolution.

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ORA Jewellery / Connected Jewellery designed for people who may need emergency assistance. Smaller than a $1 coin, the module offers the possibility of calling 911 directly if calls to loved ones are still unsuccessful after two and a half minutes. https://www.oraforyou.com/

WIFI tracking system / This system was developed specifically for the exhibit and demonstrates the ease with which technology can be diverted to track individuals without their knowledge. CAUTION - a warning has been placed at the entrance of the exhibition and invites anyone who does not wish to be followed during their visit to disable the WIFI function on their phone.

Spatium / Parking detection module on pilot currently on Saint-Joseph Street in Quebec City as well as in a partner hotel parking lot. https://www.dimonoff.com/products/innovations/spatium/

Dimonoff | Lighting / Lighting control module in the smart pole as installed in more than 275,000 luminaires worldwide. https://www.dimonoff.com/solutions/smart-cities/



Dimonoff - www.dimonoff.com
Lumca - www.lumca.com

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