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Amotus is a design house that offers electronic and software development for customized interconnected solutions. Our 23 engineers and programmers have come together with the goal of interconnecting a world that is intelligent, sustainable and responsible. In the past 5 years, Amotus has completed 65 projects in 15 countries. We have earned the trust of world-class companies for our expertise in developing connected objects that are simple, effective, open and certified.

Engineers and Programmers
Completed projects


Amotus uses technological solutions to tackle the challenges of the companies it works with. We work primarily on machine-to-machine connectivity, the creation of new connected products, the development of electronic subsystems and production parts of connected products. What we do:

  • Electronic design and firmware of connected systems
  • Customized data sensors
  • Router relay between sensor and back end
  • Back end for data reception
  • Connection of unconnected products
  • Mobile and multiplatform applications
  • Adaptation of systems towards connectivity
  • Remote control and monitoring (Cloud)
  • Security of connected systems
  • Support for product certification


Linux development (Yocto, Kernel, Drivers)
Development of products with wireless technology (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, 802.15.4, Zigbee and others)
Development of Qt cross-platform software (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux)


Visionary businesses want to develop innovative products and creative business models in order to be truly competitive in the long term. We help them achieve their goals.

Advanced Technology
Outsource your electronics and software; Reduce the energy consumption of your devices; Design wireless technologies; Develop to industry standards
Smart City
Inform citizens in real time; Connect street furniture; Innovate in your commercial arteries; Manage your infrastructure, equipment and maintenance
4.0 Industry
Optimize your processes; Reduce your downtime; Manage your inventory better; Track your production in real time

When it comes to a project requiring electronic or software design based on a client’s specific requirements and certification needs, Amotus should be your reflex.


We want to develop products and platforms that are secure, reliable and scalable. Take a look at some our team’s achievements. Of course, we’re not allowed to share every project we have worked on with you.

Mission | Values

Our mission is to interconnect a world that is intelligent, sustainable and responsible.

Everyone must prioritize their own
Sustainable Development
We act for humans and the environment
Innovation is a routine
Everyone must be treated with respect
The engine of success
Each person contributes to everyone’s success

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